Congratulations on reaching this milestone in your life. You are just months away from completing your certificate, baccalaureate or graduate degree. The School of Science is very proud of your accomplishments.

In order for your name to be officially added to the graduation list, you must complete your graduation application and the graduation exit survey. Both documents will need to be completed in one setting and it will take approximately 15 minutes to complete both forms.

The information that is requested in the Graduation Application will be used to correspond with you regarding your graduation requirements and commencement. Some of the information that you provide will also be used in commencement programs.

Step one is to choose your “status” by clicking the Status button. If you are receiving a baccalaureate degree, then your status is “undergraduate.” If you are receiving a graduate degree, then your status is “graduate.” If you are receiving an undergraduate Applied Computer Science certificate or a graduate certificate in one of the five areas in computer science, then select "certificate." Once you have chosen the correct category, you will be directed to the graduation application and exit survey. If you are completing a certificate with the School of Science, you are only required to complete the application.

The Graduation Assessment Exit Survey is focused on your experience as a School of Science major and is considered part of the graduation process. The Survey is not to assess students on an individual basis, but to help the School and Departments assess our programs. As a student anticipating graduation, you are in a unique position to look back on your student career at IUPUI and the growth that has occurred bringing you to the milestone of achieving your degree. We value the information you can provide us.

The survey is confidential and, though you will enter your information on the graduation application, the answers you provide on the survey will be kept anonymous for School assessment purposes. All personally identifying information will be removed. The de-identified data set will then be sent to the principle investigator for analysis. The researcher will not have access to any personally identifying data.

Please note: You only need to complete this survey one time for each undergraduate degree earned. If you changed your graduation date and have previously completed this survey either written or online, you do not need to complete it a second time. Also, if you are an undergraduate double major/degree with both majors in science, you need only complete this survey once. You will have an opportunity to indicate both majors in the survey. If you are a graduate student who earned their undergraduate degree in Science and completed this survey once as an undergraduate, we ask that you complete it a second time focusing on your experiences and time as a graduate student.

If you have any questions about this graduation application and exit survey, please contact Joseph Thompson, Executive Director of Academic Affairs with the School of Science, at [email protected].