CustomerCountTM Customer Engagement Professional (CEP)
Resort Trades Award

One award – 2 trophies


The CustomerCount CEP Resort Trades Award will be announced February 4, 2021.

This award recognizes an individual in any segment of the resort industry who has been an outstanding Customer Engagement Professional (CEP) and the nominating company for the individual’s performance during the 2020 calendar year.

Nominations should focus on the performance of professionals whose occupations are connected to the vacation ownership, or timeshare resort industry. Areas of contribution may be extraordinary interactions with members/guests; remarkable improvements in on-site ratings of the resort; innovative training techniques and outstanding social media mentions and reviews. Nominations will need to include detailed insight regarding the leader’s performance and contribution showing how the nominee’s efforts and achievements have significantly impacted the team, company, and/or community.

To begin, please tell us about yourself by providing the information requested in the fields on this page. Then, click “Continue” to access the nomination form and tell us about your nominee.

Congratulations on your decision to nominate a CEP for this award!

Eligibility Requirements and Nomination Guidelines may be accessed here.